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Travellers to Namibia get used to long distances. Which is all the more reason to take your time at Etendero. You might see a broad variety of game. If you carry a pair of binoculars, a bottle of water and of course a good camera, – with a bit of luck – you will see oryx antelopes, kudus, springboks, and warthogs. You might even have the chance to see cheetahs or leopards. Etendero is a paradise for ornithologists and entomologists as well. Have you ever seen a praying mantis? They love the warm stairs to the manor house and you need to have a rather sharp eye to discover their beauty.

A real adventure is in store for those who opt for a horse ride offered by a neighbouring farm. You can also go for "on-road" or "off-road" farm excursions to fabulous watering holes, to see rock paintings or to visit an amethyst mine. You can climb mountains, go on a hike – or simply dream and relax near the pool.

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All activities and excursions are at your own risk. Whilst we take extensive precautions for your safety while you are on the farm, we do strongly advise you to take out comprehensive travel insurance.


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